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Amer Raza

Director, Asia-Middle East Mr. Raza has over 25 years of consultancy experience in the field of energy, natural resources, agriculture and healthcare and has represented world known companies in Pakistan. Mr. Raza has also strong linkages with multi-lateral agencies like, USAID, World Bank, ADB as well as with government institutions. Mr. Raza has associated with IRG since late eighties and has been assisting in developing various projects in Pakistan. The key success for IRG in Pakistan was strong linkages between Washington DC office and Islamabad. This resulted an effective flow of information and interaction with all the key stake holders to ensure that IRG proposals reflect the thinking of the client (in this case Government of Pakistan) as well as achieve the goals of RFP. This policy has been very successful as IRG which started his operations by having a project of just couple of millions project in late eighties is now implementing over US$ 250 million “Power Distribution Improvement Program”, and is a known name in all the key energy related departments of Government of Pakistan.