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Ashutosh OC Tiwari

Ashutosh Tiwari is the CEO of Sherpa Adventure Gear, a leading for-purpose, branded outdoors apparel manufacturer in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sherpa exports its made-in-Nepal high-end apparels to 21 countries – providing, in the process, jobs to about 1,500 workers, most of whom are rural women. From 2010 to 2014, Ashutosh was the Country Representative at WaterAid in Nepal. In that capacity, he worked closely with policy makers, water engineers, public health experts and community organizations to provide safe drinking water and sanitation services annually to about 60,000 marginalized households across Nepal. From 2012 to 2014, Ashutosh was elected by his international development peers to be the chairperson of 114-member-strong AIN, the Association of International NGOs in Nepal. Working closely with (I)NGO regulators in Nepal, Ashutosh helped, through AIN, start Nepal’s first-ever Disability Job Fair, which brought people with disabilities together with their prospective employers. From 2007 to 2009, Ashutosh was the CEO of Himalmedia, one of Nepal’s most prestigious and influential print media houses. At Himalmedia, he successfully completed two tasks: to turn the company around, financially and operationally, by working closely with journalists, reporters, designers, sales and marketing professionals and editors, and to satisfactorily resolve the company’s labour union issues. In 2008, with two friends, Ashutosh co-founded an online open-source platform called Entrepreneurs for Nepal (E4N), which has now grown to accommodate about 38,000 members, has chapters in two other cities and is credited with starting an entrepreneurial ecosystem for young innovators in Nepal. E4N hosts monthly networking sessions, provides mentoring support, runs boot camps, and helps find investors. Because of his work on E4N, Ashutosh is regularly sought for support, contacts and investment advice by Nepal’s for-profit and social entrepreneurs.Ashutosh started his career in Nepal as a social activist campaigning for the abolition of the practice of bonded agricultural labourers in rural western Nepal. He writes a fortnightly column on business and development for Nepali Times newspaper.