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Dr Fayyaz Ahmed Siddiqui

Dr. Fayyaz has worked as participant, expert and beneficiary with public/private & donor organizations like GoP, MoST, CBI, USAID, NARSP, etc. His special interest & expertise is in Agriculture Biotechnology, Pant tissue culture, seed and seedling technology, green House/tunnel farming, horticulture and floriculture, livestock nutrition, gender based economic empowerment through innovation and technology and policy, strategy formulation together with value chains development under the compliance regime. He is the founder CEO of Eco Food a trusted brand working with international chains like Hyperstar, Metro, Former Makro, K&Ns, Nestle and local reputable Companies for supply of premium ingredients specifically specialized in dehydrated vegetable. He initiated a very promising INNOVATIVE project in collaboration of USAID for commercial production of dehydrate mangos and other fruit for high end international value chain. Our biotechnology project named a consortium of Agribiotech and Tissue culture Technologies International is working on commercial production of banana tissue culture plants in Sindh Karachi and Lahore. He has worked to establish technology based on our local herbal and spice product extraction. He has worked out feasibility studies based on international visits of different facilities and linkage with the top word manufacturer. He also conducted a preliminary study on oleoresin extraction with USAID AMD project.