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Jamila J Aslam

Jamila Aslam is an Advocate- Supreme Court. She runs a law firm under the name of Jamila Aslam Law Associates. Jamila has a vast and varied experience in the field of Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Family, Labour, Customs, Banking, Revenue, Services and various other laws. Jamila J. Aslam, Advocate – Supreme Court is on the PTCL panel of lawyers and has attended to a number of cases assigned by PTCL at the lower and Supreme Court level. Jamila J Aslam is also Vice President of the Autism Society of Pakistan. She is an alumnus of the National Defence University by token of the fact that she was a participant of the National Security Workshop 12. Jamila J Aslam was summoned by the High Court Toronto as an expert on Muslim Family Law and the decision of the Honourable Court was taken on the basis of her testimony and expert opinion. The judgment propounded on the intricacies of the Sharia law on family matters. Jamila J Aslam has had the singular honour of having being elevated to the bench of the Lahore High Court as a Justice. During her tenure as Judge of the High Court she was recommended by the Chief Justice of Pakistan to attend a Training of Trainers, three-week course in Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto in Canada. Jamila J Aslam has also had the opportunity of appearing before a Field General Court Martial. This was the first time in the history of the Pakistan Army that a female lawyer was given right of audience before a Martial Law Court. This was also the first time in the legal history of the country that a DNA was admitted as evidence. Jamila J Aslam won this case. Jamila J Aslam has also served as Prosecutor NAB. She has read papers at various fora related to various fields of law and human/minorities rights. Recently attended the SAARCLAW CONFERENCE 2017 In Colombo.