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Ramadhan Hamza Mohammed

Ramadhan Hamza Mohammed is a renowned regional senior expert on water Strategies and Policies, Integrated Water Resources Managements IWRM, Geo- Environment Pollution, water-energy-food nexus, water- health- education nexus, climate change and sustainable renewable energy technologies. Currently, he is a director of Media at the University of Duhok. He has been Chairman and member of Board of several constructions and Environment organizations, J.V companies in Iraq and NGOs. He published more than 35 papers and technical reports and one book. His main research interests are Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA & SIA), Geo –Environment Seismic and Geotechnical investigations, and media. Since his graduation in 1978 he worked in the field of journalism and has written numerous scientific articles in local newspapers and addressed a scientific program titled Science and Man for more than ten years in one of the local TV. He is a member of Iraqi Kurdistan Region journalists union. He is also a member of international journalists union and is currently director of the Media University of Duhok. He is also heading the Water and Energy Strategic Institute ’WESI’ Iraqi Kurdistan.