It was the second week of December, winter and the time for snowing, the birds were showing the earth chirpy by attractive voices made people feel something extensive. Kashaf, a needy always dreamt of being famous for her hard work but she was extremely disturbed due to her helplessness wishes. She got a friend namely Mehr who was generous to poor people of his nation and he lived in 10 KM far from Kashaf. They were class fellows in school. Besides, at the worse days of the shutter down, nothing was in sequence like time for earning money was out of the reach because of lockdown in the country. Her father was a shopkeeper and her mom died which she was studying in matric class, the death cause of her mother was a cardiac problem because of financial they could not treat her well. In the blessing month, Kashaf along her father kept fast, pray, and in every praying, they remind their mind to have money and a successful family. She prayed that God, please change our life from the harsh situations into the happiness, as you know, I am alone without mom, I don’t have sisters and brothers just I am blessed with my father. Mehr got his education completed after his ultimate study and hardworking he secured a Governmental job as ASP after clearing the CSS examination in Pakistan. His father became happy by hearing the news of his son’s success. He came home after a long period, entering to the room he asked his mom about kashaf and he became aware on her marriage, his tears came out that was the unknown tear of his eyes whether the tears are for Kashaf’s new life or losing her being him. Though Kashaf passed her examination private she was studious after facing these problems she continued her studies at home and worked hard. And she got a B.ED degree at a university at the time of her father. Later on, the government of Pakistan announced some vacancy for the SST, her friend informed her to apply that told you have got guts to qualify this job and she began preparation at home and worked harder, gave time for writing that made her qualify for the post of SST. She was posted in a high school in her home area and here her happiness starts again became too much glad for being a famous teacher at her institute and thanked Almighty Allah blessing for everything. She said I know now nothing is impossible in this world, just we need to utilize our mind and brain that God has provided us. He always thinks for every living organism of the world but we have to be positive and keep patience than best will follow us. So, Kashaf was sad night and days because of the poverty on the other side Allah has written the luck of every individual, he does well for all of us, he provides best when we keep tolerant and sustain our hard work since patience and hardworking lead us toward a bright future.