Introducing Islam — informative and accurate

The book Introducing Islam is a very informative and accurate to the point which is written by an Indian writer Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. He written several books in various perspective such as in the field of religious, inspirational, truth, Islamic views and so on. Maulana, discuses five parts in this book which include the way to find God, the teaching of Islam, the good life, the garden of paradise, and the fire of hell. Among the parts, I got numerous terms of Islam and they are too helpful to all of us as a Muslim. The given book can inspire the reader to take more interests on and follow the points which are mentioned as well gives us a huge lesson.From the above parts I learnt, being thrilled in this world is always short-lived, our each and every success is in some way, and lastly failure would reach us. Because we cannot be happy all the time as being sad is a part of our lives. Success is not for all some wins and other lose. However, we are blessed with countless happiness, successful stories and many more winnings but these won’t last forever and God is testing the people that how they take advantages of these blessings, lastly he/she will be asked for everything they got in the world. The unique is that God is one and he doesn’t have partner. We cannot imagine how the beautiful nature is and things are made perfectly in this universe. These are all due to the God existence. The book is full of information; I believe after reading this book reader would full up the mind by unique views of the writer where every examples are tremendous. And I suggest the readers to read this book once which provides you plenty of knowledge.