BNP coalition with PTI government

BNP coalition with PTI government

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Media Organization: University of Turbat
By: Junaid Bakht

Every politician plays his/her views based on policies and way of hopes from the people who are ranked position in the country. The chief of BMP Mengal Sardar Akhtar Mengal announcing officially that he is going to withdraw with the current government of Pakistan since there we won’t got a single benefit from the Imran’s government.

He has been failed to implement what he said and promised before the election of 2018 to the people of Baluchistan and Pakistan. Meanwhile, according to the BNP, PTI had signed few agreements with party at the formation of a government 2018 election in Pakistan but unfortunately, he didn’t implement any of them neither he worked for the issues of Baluchistan where thousands problems remains same as before.

Is it a good decision of BNP or just a publicity?
Are these the names of a development in the country or just a name of a changed government (PTI)?

Can missing persons be recover or sisters keep crying like Haseeba Qambarani?

Neither we are relaxed in nourishment in home nor at peace in the country. Day in day out Baluchistan bleeds without any reasons, makes living beings live sorrowfully. The right decision is at the front of coalition to PTI, though all party members would have join BNP-M in this case rather waiting for the hopes of PTI.

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BNP coalition with PTI government

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