Curbing women sufferings through feminism

Curbing women sufferings through feminism

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By: Yousuf Wahag

As being world’s 3rd most insecure country, Pakistan should on the spot reinforce feminism. Feminism solely discusses ideologies and movements run for the equal rights of females in a society. Apart from this, history encounters three waves putting forward searches for women rights with various regards. For instance, the first-wave asked for suffrage (right to vote) for females. It continued from the very commencement of 19th to early 20th century.

Secondly, the second-wave from 1960s to 1980s engaged in certain doings in order to acquire equal cultural participation and gender equality. Thirdly, the third-wave from 1990s to 2000s concludes the first-wave and second-wave keeping precautionary measures to Feminism so as to heal cracks of failure. On the other hand, Feminism obliges every country for its consistency where Pakistan comes first just because of being world’s third most dangerous place for females. For example, Pakistan with defensive legislation, exposure and activities avails less to facilitate females with social, political and cultural norms.

The findings reveal 400 annual acid attacks, 7,867 harassment cases only in Sindh and Baluchistan,118 cases of child marriage, and 2,092 cases of domestic violence declaring broken social status of females in Pakistan. With this, the country carrying 30pc of social participation of females violates the rules of Islam as compare with equal social presence in a society. In fact, the hazardous mishaps committed in a society are: no acceptable visits, little freedom of expression, harassment at workplace, mental and physical torture as domestic violence, forced marriage and unstable academic norms entangling females in political nightmares.

Actually, through the political sides, we find unfavorable ins for females by the covert reports that after efforts of Fatima Jinnah for glass ceiling (a movement against political barriers for women),women share 33pc of seats for posts of all kinds. Females avail less chances to participate governmental and political areas which sinks females deeper. Besides this, our federal and provisional government appears around 40pc or even less women in politics. For sure, this practice results disastrous failures for cultural nourishment too.

From 1990 to 2017,18.43pc of women with cultural barriers, though less but assisted the economy enough which proves a dire necessity of women with no cultural boundaries struggling for their dreams. Females in our country are trapped by early marriage and honor killing. Therefore, Pakistan go through malnutrition, wasting, stunted and blood related diseases among children after early marriages. Furthermore, Article 19 freedom of speech and Article 25 seem unable to minimize honor killing. Additionally, it is unfortunate that in some parts of Baluchistan females are to work only where males cheer comfort and luxuries.

To the point, various parts of Pakistan culture ties females for their best. With little work on feminism, the country needs to promote delegation of women as top level managers in private and government sectors. Besides this, females lack higher education opportunities where as solution, the funding authorities must generate national and international full funded scholarships so that boom of education and freedom oblige themselves for their serving rights. They require to be cab drivers in order that they stabilize freedom culture and secure females from harassment which is a deterrence to them for the jobs they do.

Teaching the rights they own by constitution will surely reduce mental stress and encourage them to struggle for what they wish. To encapsulate all in short, to better grip the rights of females, Pakistan on the spot should step into the three waves in order to insure suffrage, and downsize the gender gap. Because, our country pushes females backward by considering social, political and cultural cracks.

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Curbing women sufferings through feminism

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