Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program

Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program

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Media Organization: University of Turbat
By: Junaid Bakht

The new initiative of the Ehsaas program is known to be a business to earn money from the poverty-stricken students paying extra charges of a deed of the agreement form. Imran Khan has started a scholarship namely Ehsaas undergraduate program for the students to have stipends and free of cost to study at the university level but unfortunately this program has become a type of earning money procedures from the needy students who have applied for the Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program 2019-20.
Being at the same level, everyone must feel the harsh condition of such students who are not ready to proceed with their studies only due to the semester fee and other facilities. This small amount of 500-1000 means a lot for a needy student which doesn’t let him/her pay it easily. They should be available at least an affordable price for the students though the signature are being bought in this level So, the authorized persons must take immediate actions on which poor should remain happy to avail such programs without any gain of difficulties.

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Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program is a type of earning money from the needy students.

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