Let there be snow in April

Let there be snow in April

Media Category: Blog
Media Organization: Daily Times
By: Salis.Malik

The article presented here was written to help highlight the problems of those university students living in rural and indigenous areas that are forced to take online classes in times of this lockdown.

This article also supports the movement “we want semester break” that became the number one trend on twitter this past month. The title of the article is “let there be snow in April”, a humble nod to our optimistic thinking as students. The statement highlights that if someone is optimistic, it can even snow in April too. The article was also a gentle nod to the month April in which the article was written and when online classes began

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There is nothing in this world that is truly decided. Birds sometimes fall out of the sky and sometimes it snows in April. Everything is uncertain but nothing is ‘peculiar’. A similar air of uncertainty also looms over the students living in indigenous areas that are bound to take online classes to secure their so called educational ‘future’.

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