Of Fish and Bananas in Pakistan

Of Fish and Bananas in Pakistan

Media Category: Blog
Media Organization: Daily Times
By: Salis.Malik

The article highlights the atrocities committed by our elite. It’s an article rich in symbolism deriving its inspiration from J.D Salinger’s short story , “A perfect day for Bananafish” , where the analogy of the gluttonous Bananafish perfectly befits our elite that our constantly hungry for power.

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By now, it is rather obvious that we live in an increasingly precarious world, at least for the lower orders of society whose daily lives feature undernourishment, illiteracy, political enslavement, and in worst-case scenarios, political violence delivered directly by the hands of the elite themselves. It’s a catastrophic world, where the rich and powerful are represented by those spewing hate and violence like Malik Riaz’s progeny. These people have remorselessly grown accustomed to plundering resources, exploiting labour and running authoritarian political systems at their whim. The suburban labyrinth and the huge mansions of our elite are an array of misleading mirages, finely concealing the ugliness of the rich and mighty.

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